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For a few years now, my use of RSS has been to subscribe and maintain a number of podcasts, both audio and video.  That practice has allowed me to organize, track new episodes, and efficiently clear the older ones.  At the same time, I randomly set up news and blog feeds through various “aggregation” methods, but often simply through bookmarks.  That eventually became a much less organized and highly inefficient conglomeration of resources.  The step by step process of this LEC Module has provided me with the focus to consolidate my RSS feeds (formerly using the defunct Google Reader and iGoogle).  For some time I depended upon iGoogle as my directory of news sources and special interest links and have found that to be very satisfactory.  Now I’m exploring new alternatives

At this time I have added six blogs to initially follow.  To Google Reader I have added TBlogical, 2 cents Worth – David Warlick, The Strength of Weak Ties – David Jakes, Ed Tech Leadership – Susan Brooks-Young, The Leading Edge Certification – Bill Robinson, and my blogsite (maintained more to curate resources, than blog dialogues) – Stories to Tell.

Digital Media Resources for Today’s Successful School Leader

Educators have inspirational stories to tell. Timely, quality communication expressing vision and describing success has never been more important. A vast assortment of creative multimedia tools are now both accessible and affordable.

TICAL-Technology Information Center for Administrative Leadership

We all Have Stories to Tell – Welcome to this gathering place of emerging digital artists & storytellers. This site exists to support the ongoing efforts of educators & learners of all ages with great stories to share. The success of all is enhanced by the infusion of new ideas and resources. Building community while celebrating creativity and innovation are at the heart of this blog.

Blending iPad and Desktop Apps for Storytelling, Video, & Photography at ISTE

Blending iPad and Desktop Apps for Storytelling, Video, and Photography

June 24 – ISTE 2012 – San Diego, CA

Thom Dunks headshot for TEDx Thom Dunks & Jason Borgen 

As a pre-conference activity, we have created this blog site and a very simple survey to learn a little bit about our participants and their expectations for the upcoming workshop. The survey is being emailed to all those registered.

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